Peace River Victim Services

Teaching Peace Community Volunteers How to Care for Their Own

Training for Volunteer Advocates

Volunteer Advocates are expected to complete 90 hours of training over a three-month period. Training is available in Peace River and includes: lectures, written exercises, visual aids, role play, group exercises and discussions using case scenarios.
Training is provided by the Regional Director of Peace Regional Victim Services along with community members with extensive knowledge of aboriginal culture and representatives of the Crown Prosecutor's office, the RCMP, the Women's Shelter and AADAC.
Training is standardized across Alberta. Upon successful completion of the training, volunteers receive certification through the Alberta Solicitor General Staff College.
Training Topics include:
  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Impact of Victimization
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Overview of the Criminal Justice System
  • Sudden Death and Notification of Next of Kin (includes grief and loss and the role of the support worker)
  • Types of Assault
  • Adult Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence (Understanding Domestic Violence; Assisting Victims of Domestic Violence; Children Who Witness Domestic Violence; and Elder Abuse)
  • Property Crimes and Robbery
  • Stalking and Criminal Harassment
  • Victim Impact Statement, Request for Restitution and Financial Benefits Program
  • Legal Remedies: Emergency Protection Order, Peace Bond, Restraining Order
  • Court Preparation for Witnesses (adults and children)
  • Court Accompaniment and the Role of the Support Worker
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Working with Aboriginals
  • Volunteer Safety
  • Self-care and mutual support
  • Police Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Orientation - a tour of the RCMP Detachment and VSU office, review of policies and procedures and resource materials and instruction on completing forms, including the Intake Form, Information
Volunteer Advocate Application Form