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12 Tips for Recognizing and Controlling Stress

Talk Over Your Worry

Everyone needs to do this at different times in their life. Choose a friend, relative or professional helper you can trust.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will have relief from strain and be more able to see what you can do about your problem.

Escape From Your Problem - Even If Only For a Short While

Lose yourself for a while in a change of scene, a hobby or something else that interests you. There is no merit in "sticking it out" and suffering.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: Afterwards, your head will be clearer and you will be able to come back and tackle your problem.

Use Up Anger Through Physical Activity

Channel your anger into a job that needs doing, take a long walk or go shoot some hoops. If you can't do any of these, punch a pillow - lots of times.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will "let go" of your anger instead of bottling it up, which just causes more tension.

Give In To Others - Occasionally

This is easier on your nervous system in the long run and you're the one who counts. Only children stay obstinate and defiant all the time.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will feel a relief from pressure and develop a stronger sense of maturity.

Do Something For Someone Else

Even a smile or a generous word is a good start. Add to this daily.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: It will help you to feel less isolated with your worry and start to turn your thoughts outwards.

Deal With One Thing At a Time

Select the urgent tasks first and get on with them, forget the rest for the time being. Tension and worry makes even an ordinary day seem unbearable. This need not be a permanent state.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: This will help you to achieve something and the other tasks will seem easier when you get around to them.

Try Not To Be a Perfectionist In Everything

If you expect too much of yourself all the time you can create a constant state of worry and anxiety. Decide which things to do well and put your major effort into these first.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will avoid an open invitation to yourself to fail, and probably make life easier for your self - and others.

Try Not To Be Too Critical Of Others - Or Yourself

Concentrate on other people's and your own good points and try to understand and develop them.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will probably feel less frustrated and let-down by yourself and others.

Develop Co-Operation With Others, Not Competition

POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will have less emotional or physical tension over reaching goals - real or imaginary.

Make Yourself Available To Others - Make The First Move Occasionally

Neither push too much nor withdraw too much. Feelings of rejection and neglect are very painful but are often self-imposed.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: At least you will know you've made an effort and this will build your confidence for next time.

Plan Your Recreation Time, However Short

Allow some time for a hobby or recreation. Unplanned time often becomes wasted time. Make variety part of the planning.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will return to your work or your problem with a fresher outlook.

Learn Methods Of Exercise And Relaxation And Practice Them Daily

You are aiming to be in control of your body and learning how to counteract tension and anxiety.
POSSIBLE RESULTS: You will unlock tension in every part of your body, and even prevent tension in the future.

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