Peace River Victim Services

Crisis Intervention

Domestic Violence

is defined as any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. It may include a single act of violence, or a number of acts forming a pattern of abuse through the use of assaultive and controlling behavior. The pattern of abuse may include... Read More

Critical Incident Stress Management

You are an emergency responder who has experienced a traumatic event or a critical incident. Even though the event is over, you may now be experiencing or may experience later, some strong emotional or physical reaction. Read More

Grief and Trauma Support

Some never go through a prolonged stage of shock and are able to express emotions immediately. Others will say "I feel numb" and no emotions or tears come. Read More

Coping with Stress

12 Tips for Recognizing and Controlling Stress ... Read More

Protection Orders

Emergency Protection Orders address the immediate safety of victims of family violence. Read More

Personal Safety Tips

The key to safety is being aware of places or situations that put you at risk. Read More

Stalking and Harassment

Tips for victims of Stalking and Harassment... Read More

Dating Violence

Abuse begins when we start dating and developing intimate relationships. It can happen at any age and in all heterosexual and gay relationships... Read More


It is very difficult for most of us to imagine the pain of a suicidal person. In many cases, the person doesn't really want to die, but life's problems have stacked up so high that they just don't see any other way out. Read More